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Why I would turn away a potential client.
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cancer care
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I don't care if you snore.
If you must know, I consider it a compliment.
Your reflexology time is truly your time.  And if you fall into a deep enough sleep that you snore, it means you are probably long overdue for your treatment and needed the healing. So pat yourself on the back for making it happen.

Why I would turn away a potential client.

Why I would turn away a client.
So-o-o-o... got your attention, didn't I?  Well, I do sometimes turn people away.  Yes, and sometimes it's because they sound as though they're "six fries short of a Happy Meal" on the phone, or ask "red flag" questions   (" you work barefoot?")...but usually it's because I don't think I'm the right practitioner for your needs.  Or maybe I think you will unrealistically expect immediate relief for a problem you have had for a long time.  Or-r-r just maybe you've  asked for inappropriate discounting (does your employer revisit your salary every time you report for work? I sure hope not).  I hate to do it.  Really I do. I love my job, but I know my worth.   Muah!


I give up.
Since I'm forever shouting the benefits of reflexology from the rooftops, I must take an anti-bragadocious step forward into the sunlight and admit that there is  condition that I'm helpless to affect:  Tinnitis.   I've tried.  For years.  And... nothing.  My advice is to seek cranio sacral therapy or work with an LMT who has a good track record with this condition.  They're out there.


Q:What do fresh-baked cookies have in common with your reflexology treatment?
A:Both pleasures will cocoon you in comfort
OK, It happened again...a new client got on my table, while warning me that she was ticklish, hated having her feet touched, apologized profusely in advance...then said "Oh wow...this doesnt tickle"...then took herself a good nap.  Ive never been sure if it was the anxiety and subsequent relief or what, but people who fall into this category (or at least think they do) are the fastest to fall asleep.  There is a primal comfort in having your feet touched.  Maybe your mama did it when tucking you in, and no one has since....See you soon!

cancer care

Reflexology  points for palliative cancer care...
A client of mine recently presented with nausea and anxiety, as a result of her current treatment for stage 4 lung cancer.  She wasn't even sure she could have her appointment due to her condition.  After assuring her that she could interrupt her session as many times as necessary, we set as our goal the alleviation of her nausea and anxiety.  I worked her stomach, solar plexus, and central nervous system reflexes only...and she was comfortable and HUNGRY when our appointment was complete.   This is why i love my job....

Mever miss a good chance to keep your mouth shut.

I'm called "the vault" for a reason...when I'm confided in, I consider it an honor and a privilege -- and never more than when a client needs to unload.  Anything spoken of during you appointment, and certainly anything I "find" during your reflexology, is private...and doesn't leave the room.   I wouldn't have the client list that I do if I didn't respect the privacy of my peeps -- whether you're a household name or not.  So relaxxxxx. 


"Hello, gorgeous..."
Regular reflexology creates a  cascade of subtle anti-aging and beautifying cellular activity, ESPECIALLY if a part of your appointent is set aside for face and scalp reflexology  with essential oil and organic preparations.
Your blood and lymph circulation improve immediately during your treatment, which is why you look so peachy and rested after I'm done with you.  And your cortisol levels drop so you look like you haven't a care in the world when you leave my cozy, laid-back cottage.

angel trances

The Zone...
(I call 'em "Angel Trances")  When I've worked with someone for a bit, and know them and their issues that bring them to me,  I sometimes get into a space where I connect deeply to them and the healing necessary for them.  You can call it the higher power, spirit, the zone, God -- the choice is yours.  But it's very common among practitioners in the healing world when they're really into what they do. And, without exception, my client will be aware of it as well.  Love it, love it, love it.    Til next time then, D


"Don't you get sick of looking at feet?" or: What do foot reflexology and ophthalmology have in common?
The short answer  to the (silly) question is "Nope -- because I'm not just looking at your feet -- I'm looking at and treating your entire self through reflexology."  Your treatment begins as soon as you walk through my door.  I will notice things that may well be later confirmed when I'm detailing your reflexes.  And even though my hands don't leave your feet, any disorder present throughout the rest of you is receiving treatment.

Cellular activity

Your treatment doesn't end when you get off of my table....
What I've done during your time with me is remove the metabolic debris from your reflexes, so that the actual corresponding organs and systems can begin their job of self-healing.  Cellular activity continues for about 24 to 36 hours after I take my hands off of you.  
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