Real Reflexology - Debbie Burklund, formerly of ANGEL FEET in NYC

Deborah Burklund Real Reflexologist
Reflexology is a sophisticated, restorative and transformative healing modality...that feels really yummy.

 I use Humbled Extracts topical CBD hemp oil as part of your treatment. And you may purchase it from me as well.  You will love it!  $20 for one long-lasting pot.
 917 251 6661.

Do you have tired, cranky feet?  Actual foot pain?  Or perhaps migraines, insomnia, or digestive issues have sent you looking for help? Or maybe it's your general stress levels?  Well done, luv, and've come to the perfect place, where you will be spoiled mercilessly and wonder why you waited so long.
 My cherished client list has included names and faces many people would recognize. But  I protect your privacy if you're my client, no matter who you are, and your treatment time is absolutely "your" time.  I'm with you to give you a fantastic reflexology treatment...not to take your picture with my phone, or to gush about it in my blog.  If you should choose to rave about your treatment and pass my name along, I so appreciate it...but I won't say a word about you, your treatment, what was said, how your home looked, etc.  So, relax.  And if I look familiar, we may have met at ANGEL FEET, where I practiced before.
Sure,  Realreflexology [this is a search engine treatment, not a typo, so no instructive emails, thanks] ] feels like a blissful, yummy foot massage, but  it's also an ancient integrative health  modality that is offered in hospitals as well as spas devoted to beauty and pampering.  It feels like a pampering treat, but because of the reflexes on your feet that correspond to your body's systems and organs, think of it as [an alternative to] acupuncture -- without all those pesky needles.  And your treatment continues 24 to 36 hours after my hands leave you.  There will be all kinds of self healing and cellular activity going on.
While most of my business is repeat and referral, my therapeutic foot reflexology treatment  has been  called the best-kept secret in the Hudson Valley.  One of my valued regulars even told me that I was her secret weapon.
You will be treated like the rock star you are the minute you ( or I) walk in the door.  First, a quick chat about what brings you in for your Realreflexology treatment.  Once you're on my table, wearing loose, comfortable clothing, I will apply a warm lavender pack to your neck, moist tea bags to your eyes if you wish, followed by  a warm, moist towel on your feet.  A healing foot massage to say "hello" to your feet, then I tend to the reflexes that correspond to your body's systems and organs.  When there is disorder in your body, even at the cellular level, I  will feel the metabolic waste (crunchies) on your reflex.  The waste will be gently removed and your body can begin to self-heal.  And all along, you will be experiencing a blissful foot massage. (This is not the uncomfortable "Chinatown" reflexology experience -- I promise.)
Treatment menu and rates for a 60-minute appointment:
foot reflexology feel like a blissful foot massage, but think of it as [an alternative to] acupuncture$80 at my cozy cottage in Woodstock/ $135 in NYC ($165 after 7 PM*)  (Note: I do not bring a table for house calls). $175 per hour for on-set or location visits. $85 for a very local Woodstock house call without my table.  ( Higher if you're more than 15 minutes from Woodstock.) Please be ready for your treatment when I arrive, and remember, you do not need to "host" me.  I am there for YOU.  Gift certificates available.   Credit Cards welcome.

I do not take insurance, as there is no code for reflexology.  However, I am happy to provide a year-end statement of your payments and  for your accountant to use  for your health care deduction.  (Please understand that this is not taxation advice.)
*If you travel often, and are plagued by jet lag, I have a reflexology protocol just for you.  You may like to have my last appointment of the day in the comfort of your home, so you can drift off to sleep.  I will turn off the lights, let myself out, and lock your door.  I do this for several of my clients.
Half hours are available at my location only, and longer appointments are always available at my location or yours.  (Some of my clients routinely have 90-minute or 2-hour appointments.)
PLEASE NOTE:  I offer discounted series and packages, which may absolutely be shared with whomever you choose.  My series people enjoy preferred scheduling and I am always springing goodies on you as well.  Do consider it.  Unused packages, or portions thereof, are not refundable, however.
No-Shows will be charged the full session fee.

Complimentary face/ear reflexology, Reiki, aromatherapy,/hemp oil polarity and cranial sacral  may be included in your treatment.  These are not add-ons. I never, ever "upsell." 
I also offer corporate and group rates, as well as a nicely priced series tailored to your needs.  And in corporate and group settings, please be assured that all aspects of each individual's reflexology session are confidential, in accordance with  HIPAA regulations.  Even if you snore.
 917-251-6661   429 Phillips Rd., Saugerties, NY 12477  (Woodstock, really).  I exclusively do house calls in NYC.
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